Easy Fix To Prevent Bow String Damage

02 May

Carrying a crossbow cross-country puts the string at risk. This is especially true if you’re headed to a tree stand in the dark, where any branch can snag the string or cables and quickly ruin a much-anticipated hunt.


 Many hunters have this problem on their hunts whether black bear hunts, elk hunting, deer hunting, etc.  Your bow is more at risk in mornings that are still dark in order to get out to your stand and especially if you need to hike uphill through thick pine forests, over dead-falls, twisted tree tops, and other obstacles that threatened to damage your bow string.

If you anticipate encountering obstacles like this on your next hunt try the Limb Saver sling for your bow, it will make carrying it over your shoulder much more comfortable.   And during a hunt as you duck under branches and squeezed between tree trunks, you never really know what was happening to the string over your shoulder. Then one day it happens.  After one morning’s hike, you see that the string was frayed from tree branch damage.


A partial solution is to re-wax your bow string with Limbsaver String Protectant, which reduced the risk of fraying.

Secondly, your hunting jacket should fit over the bow, meaning that you could zip up the jacket with the sling exposed.

Use a Limb saver Kodiak Lite compound bow sling made specifically for crossbows. Its wide, no-slip strap made the carry secure and comfortable. In this way, the entire bow-string, scope, and bolts were protected.



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