Wawang Lake Resort is located in the dense Boreal forest of North Western Ontario, Canada.  An area renowned for an abundance of hunting opportunity of BIG game:  Black Bear, Moose & Grouse.  It is abundant with other types of wildlife as well and many guests enjoy viewing the wildlife on their drive into the lodge.

Terry & Tami founded Wawang Lake Resort over 40 years ago and are still hard at it today.  The area has been synonymous with trophy success with both our hunters and anglers.  We pride ourselves in providing a top notch outdoor experience paired with several decades of relevant, hands on knowledge to help you increase your chances of a successful hunting trip, or, bring someone with you that would just like to sit back and view the magnificent wildlife that our area offers all while in their natural habitat.

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Wawang Lake is 5,000 acres in size and produces sensational fishing each year. Guest enjoy the beauty and fauna our area has to offer along with the solitude and peacefulness that only a remote lake can offer. Wawang Lake is for our guests only. There are NO other cottages, homes or resorts on the lake. Yes that’s right – it’s just us! The area around Wawang Lake is vast and our closest neighbors is a small, summer community 28 miles to the south.


We look forward to being your ‘Go to’ source for information and possibly the hunt of a lifetime!


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