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Albino Bear

I came across this article and thought it was something our members would enjoy reading.

A seasoned young hunter in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania last month was able to bag an impressive bear by any measure with a single shot. Not only was it a mature sow that dressed out at 138 pounds, but it also was a rare albino as well.


“When I got up to it my legs just locked up. Other members of our group came down and no one could believe it. It was surreal,” 26-year-old Jeremy Gross of Bloomsberg told the Times-Leader.

Gross harvested the animal on Dec. 4 in Beaver Township, Columbia County, part of Wildlife Management Unit 4E on a vacation day from work. Taking advantage of the extended gun season, he took the sow with a single shot from his .270.

State biologists advised the albino bear strain, like cinnamon and blonde-colored black bears, are something rarely encountered with only a handful born each year even in the state’s plentiful population.

“When the bear was harvested on Dec. 4, it was really spreading on social media,” said Kevin Wenner, biologist for the PGC’s Northeast Region, who had never come across one in his career before last month. “Someone brought a bear in that day and told us about the albino being harvested, and an hour later it showed up.”

Wenner, who estimated the bear to be about four years old, removed a tooth from the animal to better age it.

“It was a good-sized sow and appeared to be in good health,” Wenner said. “Being an albino didn’t impact her health.



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