The THREE Bears – A Success Story!

01 Mar

There is nothing more impressive than having a one day harvest for one of the most revered predators….imagine having THREE!!

IMG_6110 - CopyCody, Rod and Brad descended upon Wawang in hopes of each bringing home a bruin.  Father and son, Cody and Rod, were returning hunters while Cody’s best friend Brad made this his first visit.

Each hunter was prepared and after the day long drive from Iowa, were ready to ascend their trees to await their chance at a bear.

Outwardly, this was to be a week of patience as Cody was no stranger to the wiles of those elusive creatures.  This being Cody’s third attempt (second with us at Wawang) he was determined to pin that tag on something ‘decent’

Cody had spent the entire year honing his skills on sizing and judging bear….a talent most discount until they are faced with the opportunity to shoot.  Read:  How to Size a Bear

The day was bustling at the lodge as it was Labor Day weekend and it was our annual end of the year celebration.  The kitchen was filled with the aroma of turkey, mashed potatoes, roast and all the fixings.  In the bustle of preparation, Cody emerged and made his way across the floor to the kitchen.

labor-dayWe were in high gear with getting the food just right when we looked out the door and saw him heading over.  Lost in our own thoughts, we carried on about the kitchen….until…..wait a minute…wasn’t he supposed to be in a tree?  He only left a couple of hours ago!

“Cody, what are you doing?  Did your truck break down?” we were concerned for hunting time being missed.  Cody reached into his pocket and produced his camera.  “I got one, but I think you might be mad….it’s small.”  His shoulders dropped and he passed the camera to us.

We looked over the picture and then back to Cody….there were no words.   “Cody, I don’t know what you consider small but this isn’t anywhere close to what we call small!”  His eyes lit up….when somebody that has seen numerous BIG bear tells you that you hit the jackpot, it is a good day!

Cody then left to wait for his hunting partners to finish their hunt for the evening to help him retrieve his bear.   The lodge returned to its frantic state of meal prepare.  As the festivities rolled on that night, Cody and his crew finally returned….

Everyone in camp was excited to lay eyes on Cody’s trophy BUT were completely unprepared to meet an entire truck full of bear!  3 bear to be exact!  2 boars and a sow…Goldilocks wouldn’t have been happier!

Each one took turns telling the exciting tale of retrieving their harvest…..each one amazed at the success of the other and each beaming with excitement….it was day 1 and the anxiety of the hunt was already over and done with….now it was time to fish!!

During that week, laughs were exchanged, trophy fish were caught and memories made…a father, son and best friend made a Wawang hunt the life long story to beat!

So glad that we could be a part of such great memories!!



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