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BBQ Moose Roast

How to Barbeque a Moose Roast

Have you ever wanted to barbeque a moose roast and still have it be tender? We have, and recently cooked a moose round roast on the barbeque that was so tender once we carved it, it was possible to cut it with your fork.

How did we do it? Let me tell you about it.

I started out with a moose round roast; I know this is not the best cut to be barbequing. So I knew it would require moist heat if it were to be palatable.

I remembered a friend of mine telling me how he had cooked ribs on his barbeque and had great results. I wondered if I could achieve the same?


I wanted to give it a try.

The Process

The process is quite simple really, and you could likely apply this to any meat that is tough.

Cook it with moisture over a long period of time.

How much time… I cooked our roast for almost 9 hours.


  • Moose round roast 3 pounds
  • 1 large onion
  • 5 cloves garlic (elephant)
  • 1 1/2 cups of barbeque sauce


Directions: Barbeque a Moose Roast

Thaw the moose roast in your refrigerator

Coarse chop the onion

Peel and slice half of the garlic and mince the balance

Start with a 8 inch by 8 inch roasting pan and place the moose round roast that you plan to barbeque onto a thin layer of the chopped onions.

Place the rest of the onions around the roast evenly.

What I did next was to sprinkle the onions with the sliced garlic and rubbed the roast itself with the minced garlic.

I followed this by pouring the barbeque sauce over the roast.

Once this was complete I covered the entire pan with a layer of heavy aluminum foil and took the pan (with the roast in it) outside to my barbeque.

I lit one burner (in my case the right hand one) and set it to low heat. I then placed the covered pan containing the moose roast I wished to barbeque on the left hand side well away from the heating element.

I then closed the lid.


I have a thermometer on the outside lid of my barbeque I maintained a constant temperature of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 9 hours, until the internal temperature reached a minimum of 140 degrees; or your required doneness.

At the end of the cooking time the barbequed moose roast was cooked to perfection.

We served the moose roast with baby potatoes, carrots, chopped onions and mushrooms. All of which were cooked on the barbeque while the roast was cooking. All the veggies were wrapped in foil; salt, pepper and butter were added and placed directly over the burner that was set on low temperature. About 1 1/4 hours.

We made gravy from the juice from the meat pan as well we added the onions from the meat pan to our veggie dish.

Also we had grape tomatoes with feta cheese dressed with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction…

The barbequed moose roast, the entire dish… well…


Now I can say we learned how to barbeque a moose roast… and have it tender too!

Do you like what you see?  Join us on our Fishing Blog for more up to the minute action, tips and tactics!!

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3 Bear down! The tale of the Three Amigos

There is nothing more fun for a hunter than taking a long road trip with the guys and getting away from it all. The difference between the average ‘getting away from it all’ and a hunter’s ‘getting away from it all’ is that the hunter’s version often times includes a stand and some great harvest stories. This rang true for Dave, Tim and Jason.

On September the 7th they arrived at my front door with weapons in hand and excitement in their eyes. Though it was Dave’s second hunt with us, it was both Tim and Jason’s first time hunting a bear. Dave had acquainted them with what to expect and the basics of our operation and much to the boy’s excitement, we were providing them all with baits that seemed to be jam packed with bruin.

The first night came with all guys coming to camp empty handed but Dave letting us know that his bait was just a Bear Highway….they were everywhere! Tim had heard a bear and Jason had yet to have any sign of.

The following night had proven fruitful to both Dave and Tim, taking their trophies earlier in the dusk hours. Jason had heard several sounds around him but had yet to spot. He was fine with that though as the following day was his birthday and he felt that a birthday bear would be that much more fitting.

The next morning as the boys began to prepare their bears, Jason prepped and began that drive to his stand. Thoughts raced through is head as to what his day would hold and how he was going to handle harvesting that bear.  Early that evening, I spotted the truck pulling in, my heart was wild with anticipation….had he gotten his birthday bear? As Jason emerged, his face was pulled with a frustrated look and the color was drained.

“I missed!” was all he said.

After a few minutes of silence, Jason filled me in on the adventure.

“I was just opening my pb and j and having a bite. I saw a set of ears pop up and slowly put the sandwich on my lap. I lifted my gun just as the bear emerged to my right and he stood and sniffed the air…I think he wanted my sandwich! He dropped and began to lick the tree directly broadside and I fired……the bullet went low and right below. No hit but just hit the ground. I have NO IDEA what happened! The bear took off like a bat out of hell and that was it. I sat for about thirty minutes and had to get out of there. I am so frustrated that I know I couldn’t shoot proper a second time. Tomorrow I am taking my .270.”

SAM_0016 (640x480)
With that we both agreed that this could happen to anyone and that it’s better than wounding and wasting a bear. I knew tomorrow he would have a different plan.
The next day Jason came in for his coffee and sat quiet. The thought of the day’s play could be read in his eyes and it was obvious that today he woke up with serious intention.  Dave and Tim decided to load the boat and spend the day kicking back while Jason set out as tightly wound as he could be.
The day wore on and not a truck in sight. As the night fell, Jason arrived with a tired, defeated look in his eyes.

“Nothing. I didn’t see a thing today. It was a long day.”

I knew that the events of the day prior had made today seem much longer but I knew that his determination hadn’t left.

The following morning, Jason met with Terry and they came up with the new game plan. It was a variation of the original but the outcome was planned the same….Come home with a bear!
As Jason left for the day, we all settled back into our daily routines, me in the lodge, Tami back to marketing and Terry back out to the baiting.
At 3:12pm a black truck made a hasty entrance to the resort and straight over to cabin 6. Jason was back! He was energized as he exited the truck and fists pumped the sky!

“I got it! It’s down!”

With a couple of high fives and congratulations I could just see the pride in his eyes. He had finished the group with 100% success rate! As he tied the tell-tale orange flag for the other two on the lake to see, he began to load the truck with retrieval supplies.

As they all arrived back with Jason’s bear, the camaraderie was thick. Each were successful and each just as happy for each other as themselves.

Like I said, when a hunter ‘gets away from it all’ it’s what they come away with afterwards that counts!

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