Hunting Wild Turkey….the Basics

30 Apr

So turkey season is upon us and though we don’t have wild turkey up in the Wawang region, this delectable bird is the start of the hunting season ahead and a fantastic reward for a difficult hunt!

  1. Scout first. Before you can shoot a turkey you have to find one. Before hunt season, drive the back-country roads just after dawn and listen for turkey gobbling. Become aware of creeks, trails, fences and pastures, so that during the hunt, you will know where you are going.
  2. Wear camouflage, as turkeys have very keen eyesight. Suits, caps, facemasks and gloves are essentials, and don’t forget to wear dark socks. Try to match your colors to the plant life around you.
  3. Pattern your shotgun. Make a target that looks like a turkey’s head and neck. Practice firing from 25, 40 and 45 yards using different choke and ammunition. You’ll know what to expect when you’re aiming at a real turkey.
  4. Use a call. A call can be an important part of a successful hunt.
  5. Take advantage of the landscape. When you are stalking a gobbler, hide behind bushes, trees, rocks, tall grass or anything else that will obscure your approach.
  6. Choose a location to shoot from that puts you slightly above your target. Make sure that you have a good view of everything around you, including the turkey.
  7. Wait until the turkey is within 40 yards of you. Take aim at the area between his head and neck and fire. Strive for a perfect, one-shot kill.
  8. Check out “Practical Turkey Hunting Strategies: How to Hunt Effectively Under Any Conditions,” by Ray Eye at Amazon (see Resources below).

Here’s a couple of pointers from Stephen Ward:

Stephen Ward

 Stephen Ward Typically at dawn, sometimes mid day and then again right before sunset, a gobbler will go to the creek to drink, then work his way back up the hillsides feeding… they sometimes have a favorite spot to drink from that affords them easier access…. find that spot and you can score. Also, a gobbler will often gobble as he gets to his roost for the night at 7 pm or so; if you hear that, then you have an idea of where to set up the next morning down below that point and a creek”



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