2014 Black Bear Hunt Video

23 Apr

Our 2014 season was both rewarding for us as outfitters and successful for our hunters as well.  Our hunts consists of an average of 14 hunters annually and our guide Terry (owner of Wawang Lake Resort) works hard each season to provide active baits for each and every hunter.  His objective is for every hunter to harvest a bear – if they opt to do so – so is it any wonder that much of his day is spent out in the field during the black bear season to ensure a positive outcome..

The following video are of the highlights of our 2014 hunt.

ENJOY  The  Video!

If you enjoyed this video please visit our page on YouTube for more clips on Wawang Lake Resort


Check out our 24 pg. HUNT BOOKLET

Hunt Booklet – Information

pg 01 Cover

Brochure (rates for the 2015 season)






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