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The best timber wolf habitat in all of Ontario CANADA is located in the Boreal Forest
around………. Wawang Lake Resort

HUNT the HUNTER –  Ontario’s Timber Wolf

HUNT the HUNTER – Ontario’s Timber Wolf

Hunting a top predator is a challenge you will never forget. A timber wolf hunt is not for the novice hunter though.   In fact hunting for wolf will require more determination and patience than any other type of hunt.   If you’re the kind of hunter that can pride themselves with this type of stamina then wolf hunting is definitely something you’ll  want to experience.

Remaining aloof is what wolves do best and they are also extremely cautious and above all prefer not to be seen. They hunt small game, moose and bear for a living, so they are extremely resourceful. They

are shrewd, cautious, and have finely tuned senses. With this said remember that the wolf is the hunter’s top opponent when hunting in NW Ontario and up for any challenge man will present.

Our region of the Boreal Forest remains to be one of the most populated areas for the timber wolf with pack sizes reaching 30 or more and this is due mainly because of our small game, moose and bear population that are at its peak annually.

Wolves are nocturnal hunters, so getting a crack at one during legal daylight hours can be difficult, but, by precisely following the strategic technique of our expert guides it can be done.

WawangWolfHunts2Wolves are territorial and each pack occupies, hunts, and protects a specific area.   Once we know where a pack lives, we can learn more about them and that is the groundwork  for  our  hunts.  We  know  of  many different packs, in this vast area, and each year we gather information of each packs hunting patterns. A pack seems to hunt a particular route and often return to the same areas with unbelievable regularity.

Calling is helpful if the wolves are within earshot. Distressed small game calls such as rabbits (snowshoe hares) works well, as this and other small game are the wolves’ primary food source along with moose and bear. Also, howling can be effective. A wolf will almost always answer to a howl regardless of their distance from the person howling.

Hunting down live large prey like moose or bear takes a lot of energy so wolves are also opportunists. They can smell blood from many miles away and frequently visit our baiting stands for an easy meal so we know where they are, but, the wolf hunt is much more interesting than that. Outsmarting wolves means having an outfitter that knows their strategy and scouts out what game trails they are using.   Placing baits sites in proper places can mean the difference between success or not!


A Typical Natural Hunt Blind

We hunt from natural ground blinds made from deadfall, but, because temperatures can be extreme we advise our hunters to bring along their own commercial ground blinds (aired out for at least two months in advance of the hunt) in order to be more comfortable, however, this can be risky and best to avoid this type of blind if at all possible as the wolves can be skittish of them and of course can reduce the hunter’s chances of success. It is always best to dress for the extreme outdoor  conditions  and  hunt  from the natural ground blinds we provide.

The color phases of the wolves seen in our area are varied, from the most common gray tones to blacks and whites, to medium tones of cream, gray, brown and orange.   The specs of our wolves are as follows:

  • Length: 4.9 ft – 6.7 ft.
  • Weight: up to 175 lb
  • Height: between 26” to 33”

There are very few guarantees in hunting, but we do offer you this . . . . .

That you will find the wolf hunt a challenging and enjoyable experience in some of the most beautiful terrain you’ve seen.
Your guides are passionate hunters and strive to provide the same hunting experience for you that

they would want for themselves.
Our resort is a comfortable with a homey environment to relax in after an enjoyable day in the field…..and we feed our Meal Plan guests very well!

So while the outcome of the hunt is never a guarantee, the quality of the hunt experience is. And when you hear that first ghostly howl in the distance you will know you are in timber wolf country and from that moment on you will be hooked!

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