Frugal Scent free ideas

23 May

So obviously there is a multimillion dollar market out there dedicated to every type of scent free product out there.  From sprays to wipes, shampoo to soaps, it is all out there and available.

Scent Free Wipes

Use scent free baby wipes for scent free hunting wipes. These are readily available at the grocery store and packaged perfectly for transport. They don’t say “odor eliminating” but seem to do a bang up job of cleaning up after a child while still being safe on the skin 🙂

Scent Free Spray and Wipes (Homemade Version)

(Full disclosure, this is not my recipe. I got it off of someone on an archery website).

Ingredients for Scent Killer:

• 16 oz. (2 cups) Peroxide ( yes, I use the brown bottled stuff)

• 16 oz. (2 cups) Distilled Water or water from a dehumidifier

• ¼ cup baking soda 

1 oz. On non-scented shampoo (I use Hunters Specialties green shampoo) 
(Or adjust amounts to whatever size you make accordingly)


Let sit for several days (a 1 gallon milk jug works good with lid loose). This recipe is also good for removing blood from your hands in the field after dressing your critter! No dried blood, presents a better photo image!

Homemade Scent Free Wipes

Mix up a batch of scent killer per instructions above. Next, take a roll of heavy duty paper towels (The blue shop towels work great!) 

cut the roll in half with an electric knife or saw so you have 2 short rolls of paper towels (don’t try a regular knife… it doesn’t work). Pull the cardboard tube from the middle of the half roll then 
find a coffee container big enough to hold the 1/2 roll of paper towels (and with a good sealed lid). 

Put one of the 1/2 rolls of paper in the container, pour in the scent killer, let the wipes soak up the scent killer, keep covered tight so they don’t dry out. Because the inner cardboard tube is out, pull the paper towels out the from the middle like a Kleenex!

Scent Free Soap

OK, how many bottles of scent free body wash have we all bought over the years? That liquid soap sure does not seem to last very long, and gets to be expensive after a while, especially if you have multiple hunters in the family. After spending a lot of money on this myself, I decided to look for fragrance free bar soaps, and finally I found that Dove makes one – Dove Fragrance Free Senstive Skin Unscented Bar.  Dove brand prides itself on being sensitive and the claim to being scent free is stringent.  Great value for the price!

Scent Free Deodorant

Like the bar soap, there are many traditional brands of scent free/fragrance free deodorants out of the market. Next time you are at the drugstore browse the deodorant section and you will find many brands that have these scent /fragrance free products in both gel and solids. Ensure you buy a brand that you know will protect you from perspiring as that will be half the battle.  Use the deodorant for a few days in day to day activities prior to using it in the field to ensure a successful outcome.

Scent Free Laundry Soap

Ok, I am sure most of you have heard of this one, but I use plain old baking soda! Again, I can attest that it seems to work just fine, I buy a large box of this at my local super store (Costco) and, for me, and it lasts all season long. I use it to wash all my hunting clothes in. Speaking of washing, always use cold water, and turn your camo inside out to help lengthen the life of your favorite camo garments. I have had the same set for over 5 years now, and they still look new, and work just fine. Another note about using baking soda, put it into the water first, and make sure it is dissolved before you put your clothes in, if you put it over top of your clothes, it may not dissolve, and your clothes will come out with white powder or lumps still on them 😦  For an extra boost of clean, add Oxy powder to the cycle as it will remove staining without adding additional scents 🙂

As you can see, there are various cost effective ways to save in the scent free side of hunting.  Feel free to take and try all or a few and let me know how they work for you!


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