DIY: Easy Odor Absorber

05 May

This is a fantastically easy and cost effective descenting option for hunting gear 🙂

by  September 25th, 2013

Eons before the advent of scent-control activated charcoal hunting suits, a woman working in a Port Perry convenience store taught me how to capture offensive odours. My children suffered from motion sickness, so when I asked her for a scented air spray to mask the sour smell in the car, she suggested filling a perforated coffee can with charcoal. The results far exceeded all expectations.

Hunting season rolled around and the light bulb went on. I could use the same approach to keep hunting gear scent-free. To this day, all my tote boxes of gear and bags of hunting clothes include a perforated container filled with charcoal. When the charcoal becomes saturated and unable to absorb any more odors, I simply refill the container with new charcoal.

Ensure that the container is first cleaned very well and left to air out for a few days to get any residual coffee odor out.

When purchasing charcoal, be advised not to buy any with any extra additives to ease starting or burning…the cleaner the charcoal the better 🙂


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