I came, I saw….I had a great time!

13 Feb

So this past weekend, I decended on La Crosse, WI for my third visit.  What can I say?!  I look forward to this show every year and every year it doesn’t disappoint.

With rows of fantastic things to buy, tools to try and animals to spy, I was entertained each and every minute.  This year I was visited by several of our guests that not only lived in La Crosse but had also driven some distance for the chance to say hi….truly that is always the highlight of my visit.

With every excited HI! or big bear hug, I look forward to even more to the upcoming season.  Each and every one of these people have become family that you look forward to reuniting with each year for some great fishing. Our booth was always abuzz with some visitors telling everyone that would listen how much fun they had had on their first to 20th visits….that feeling of pride in what we do never gets old.

This year a little man named Cole came to the sport show….I met Cole last year when he was six and had just come from a wrestling tournament.  Because of our related histories in wrestling (a story for another blog) he had come to see me and fill me in on his whole year……each and every fish he caught 🙂

I saw his little eyes poke around the corner in puzzlement…..then he peeked again…

“Hi Cole!”

His eyes lit up!  Yes I had colored my hair (again!) but it really was me…..he tore down that aisle and ran into my booth with ferocity looking for a hug 🙂

“You know he made me bring him just to see you….he was determined to come.”

Wow….not only had he remembered me but he was coming just to see me!  I was so honored.  To find out that I had made such an impression warmed my heart.  Cole has not visited me at Wawang yet but the picture of us in front of some of our great fish (one the size of him) stands to prove that he is counting the days.  I know he will make that trip and also that next year he will fill me in on all the other fish he will catch this year…..I am truly proud to know him!

Like Cole, we take time to come to know and appreciate every piece of the puzzle that is Wawang Lake Resort. Family is family and ours just happens to be built one week at a time 🙂



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