Bear Down! Just saw him for a Smidge

07 Sep

There once was a man named Randy
who had harvested some bears that were dandy

He came to Wawang to keep up the trend
but Mother Nature had bested him in the end.

Three days in his stand, weapon in hand steady
he knew he was more than ready

He had one day spotted a monster and and waited
The bear sensed him too and hesitated.

As he ambled on, Randy knew that chance had gone
but soon the hunt would be done.

The next day he spotted a wee bear on the road ridge
who Randy himself knew was just a smidge

As he climbed his stand that final day
All reservations had melted away

A bear was now in his site
looked like it put up no fight.

But as the shot rang out from the ridge,
it caused him to twinge
As he soon came to realize he had taken Smidge!

Sense of humour in hand
we all knew you would be his fan
Smidge and Randy smiled for pictures as only they can!

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Posted by on September 7, 2013 in black bear, hunting, Wawang Lake Resort


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