Hunting For Gear :Product Review-Ladies First (sorry boys)

27 Aug

just for you

So far from the hunting gear of years before has the selection for us girls out there has come!  From sassy colored clothing, to fully customizable weaponry and even scent free grooming!

I wanted to share my experience with a company called Just for Does.  I met Michelle and her lovely crew a couple of years back at the Iowa Deer Classic and was just drawn to the booth by all the fantastic items they had from clothing (which I bought) to novelty items and such to the jewel in their crown….the scent free arsenal!

only prettier

With a slogan like “We hunt like you, only prettier!”  you know that this company has not only a sense of humor but also knows they are filling a niche that has been overlooked for many generations.

The line is very diverse encompassing shampoo (volumizing none the less), conditioner, body lotion, masking spray right down to chapstick!

Now I can hear some of you yelling ‘GIMMICK GIMMICK!!’  To that I say the packaging maybe, but the overall effectiveness of the product can speak for itself and my own personal experience with it has made me a believer.  As an outfitter for black bear, we at Wawang Lake Resort take our role in setting our bait sites extremely seriously and feeding those bears daily requires frequent travel in and out of each bait.  I prefer to leave my scent at an absolute minimum and have found that Just for Does has been wonderful for not only removing my scent but masking it as sweat emerges on those hot late summer days.


That all being said, the next question is does it dry you out?  I answer with a big, resounding NO!  Unlike most scent free products that are hair & bodywash combos, Just for Does is a full line of product that allows you to decide how little or how much conditioner etc you need.  After several days of use there is little drying and no damage to my color treated hair (a BIG problem for most other like products).  I also appreciate being able to have a lotion for those long days in the field under the drying rays of the sun!

All in all, a great product for all you lady huntresses….. at $4-$13 it’s a well priced option and worth the cents to mask the scents!

Oh alright!  I can see some of you guys out there pouting…..just in case you are wondering, they DO have a line for you as well called Just For Bucks that can also be found on their website 🙂


Also, feel free to contact me regarding our Women Gone Wild black bear hunt.  Put together by women for women!


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