The season is inching closer!

12 Aug

Welcome to the first installment of On Target!  I am excited to share some great tips, tricks, tactics and products to take your hunting experience mentally and physically to the next level!

The purpose of this blog is not only to revisit age old information but introduce new up and coming trends, products and practices that will help you increase your chances of a fun, safe and effective harvest.

Times have changed and has ushered in a wider array of choices, weapons and products that can truly enhance your outdoor experience!

My information will mainly focus on tactics for trophy bear, moose, wolf and bagging limits of grouse but will expand its horizons to sharing new products and tactics that can be used across a much broader spectrum of species.

I reside at Wawang Lake Resort which is nestled deep in the North Western Ontario boreal forest.

I am an angler, trapper and hunter and living in this remote area and meeting so many people each year has enhanced not only my practices but my success as well!

I will do my best to not only acquaint you with knowledge passed on through various sources but I will also share the secrets of our little hunting corner of heaven.

This area is rich in lush habitat that effectively sustains a bumper crop of large bruin (bear), moose, wolves and various small animals such as grouse and rabbit which makes the hands on experience truly accessible and at my doorstep!


Wawang Country has long been renowned for the dense coverage while still having easily accessible road ways.  Having both promotes not only great cut overs for drawing in moose and roads for easily spotting grouse, it also boasts areas of gorgeous canopy cover for effective tree stands and natural bear baiting stations.  Yes, our area is the best of all possibilities!

Feel free to participate in this blog by asking questions, making suggestions and also sharing other tips that you may have as well!

Keep your eyes peeled and your gear ready to go….it’s going to get a little rustic around here!

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